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Mo Farah Wins 10000 meters World Championship in England while Ethiopian Athletes registered the wor

Photo: BBC

BOLE POST : Great Britain's Olympic and World Champion Mo Farah cruised ahead of East African Athletes in the 10,000 meters World Championship competition. Mo Farah secured Gold Medal for his country by clocking 26 minutes and 49 seconds. The East African counterparts, Joshua Cheptegei of Uganda and Kenya’s Paul Tanui , clocked in 26 minutes 49.94 seconds and 26 minutes 50.60 seconds respectively. Ethiopian Athletes on the other hand, finished fifth, seventh and tenth registering the worst 10,000 meters performance at World Championships stage. Many Oromo activists accuse the Ethiopian Athletics Federation for its intimidation and systematic discrimination against those who protest against the ethnocentric regime of Ethiopia. It is a historic fact that most Ethiopian athletes are ethnic Oromos who have been protesting the Tigrean dominated regime for the two decades. The recent appointment of the former World and Olympic Champion, Haile Gebrselassie, as a president of Ethiopian Athletics Federation added to the fuel and tension among the team as Haile was publicly heard on a local radio intimidating Oromo athletes who sympathize with the ongoing public protests in the country especially in Oromia Regional State.

Medal Results : (c) IAAF


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