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Feyisa Lilesa won the Bogota Half Marathon


The Ethiopian athlete finished with a time of one hour, four minutes and 30 seconds. Peter Kirui and Shura Kitata were silver and bronze, respectively.

Feyisa Lilesa was crowned in the Bogota Half Marathon. AFP

"I hope to win the Bogota Half Marathon", that was the goal of the Ethiopian Feyisa Lilesa . He came to the country convinced that he had the tools to do it and it was. In the streets of the capital of the republic the current Olympic runner-up shone. He overcame all competitors and with a time of one hour, four minutes and 30 seconds was imposed for the first time in this competition. It finished ahead of Kenyan Peter Kirui (1:04:37) and Ethiopian Shura Kitata (1:05:02).

As in Rio de Janeiro he crossed his arms at the finish line . "The symbol of the equis is so that they stop killing in my country and come peace," he said in a dialogue with Win Sports. Precisely in the Olympics was the first time he made this gesture and although the authorities of his country assured him that they would not take action for this gesture , the Ethiopian with his family ended up taking refuge in the United States.

This year Lilesa had also competed in the Half Marathon United Airlines held in New York , where she also took the top spot with a time of one hour and four minutes, similar to what she did on Sunday in Bogota. But far from his best half-marathon record, he recorded Houston, Texas in 2012 with a time of 59:22 . But beyond time, the Ethiopian adds this victory to a record in which also highlight triumphs in marathons as in Dublin, Tokyo and Xiamen, China.

The best national athlete was the Bogota Miguel Amador, who finished in the tenth position with a time of one hour , seven seconds and 32 seconds. Behind him - in the eleventh place - appeared the Antioqueño Diego Colorado with a record of 1:07:53.

Brigit Kogei, female champion

Among women there was also African domination. The Kenyan Brigit Kosgei remained with the victory . It finished with a time of one hour, 12 minutes and 16 seconds. He surpassed his compatriots Veronicah Wanjiru (1:12:42) and Ruth Chepngetich (1:13:57), second and third respectively.

The best Colombian was Angie Orjuela, who took the seventh position with one hour, 17 minutes and 57 seconds . Angela Figueroa was tenth with an hour, 20 minutes and 30 seconds.

The Bogota Half Marathon, which this year celebrated its eighteenth edition and is part of the IAAF World Championship calendar, which was awarded the Gold Label , had the participation of 16,662 people in the 21 kilometers. While 25,853 did so in the 10K.

Elite category results


  1. Feyisa Lilesa, Ethiopia, 1:04:30

  2. Peter Kirui, Kenya, at 9 sec.

  3. Shura Kitata, Ethiopia, at 34 sec.

  4. Miguel Amador, Colombia, at 5:12


  1. Brigid Kosgei, Kenya, 1:12:16

  2. Veronicah Nyaruani, Kenya, at 26 sec.

  3. Ruth Chepngetich, Kenya, at 1:31

7. Angie Orjuela, Colombia, at 5:41



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