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Supporters of Feyisa Lilesa have raised over $115, 000 in two days via gofundme

Ethiopians and non-Ethiopians worldwide have raised more than $115,000 for Rio Marathon Silver Medalist Athlete Feyisa Lilesa. A gofundme account set up to help Olympian Feyisa Lilesa have raised over $115, 000 in record time strengthening the unity among the diaspora Ethiopians. Feyisa has become a sensation and a needed galvanizing force after protesting the ethnocentric Ethiopian regime by crossing his arms above his head as he approached the finish line Rio, Brazil. Ethiopians worldwide have praised the athlete for his selfless work in bringing light to the ongoing slaughter of peaceful protesters in Oromia, Amhara and Gameballa regional states. According to human rights activists, the TPLF dominated Ethiopian army has killed more than one thousand ethnic Oromos, Gambellas and Amharas over the last two years, and thousands have been incarcered unlawlfully.

To accesss a gofundme page of Feyisa Lilesa,click here.

Photo: getty images


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